A representation in Denmark brings improved service to the Danish and other clients

At the end of 2016, our translation agency opened a representation office in Denmark. The Danish office was set up in the light of our Scandinavian expansion plans; we are intent on creating additional representations in Finland, Sweden and Norway in the coming years.

Despite being able to communicate online, it is extremely beneficial to have a person with whom the client can meet and discuss work related matters in real life. This helps prevent misunderstandings and garners trust, so that clients can be absolutely sure that the service provider actually exists.

In addition to more effective customer service, the new representation also gives us easy access to a lot more Danish resources, which are vital for our provision of services. Doing business in the local language helps us forge closer ties with those translators, language revisers and specialist editors, whose native language is Danish.

We have taken to establishing new representation offices in order to offer a more operative service to our clients. This is not limited to translation, but includes other marketing related services as well.


Translating into Danish will definitely be easier now and the quality of said translations shall be significantly higher thanks to our new Danish proofreaders and editors. Even though medical translations have been our main focus in recent years, our company has always operated on a strong foundation of high-quality legal and technical translations. Our in-house team includes several sworn translators whose hard work ensures that legal translations, along with medical translations, make up an important part of our turnover. The team responsible for Danish translations includes Danes living in Estonia and abroad, Estonians and other foreigners who speak fluent Danish, as well as translators and editors who live in Denmark and speak Danish as their first language. When it comes to specialized projects such as medical translations, we strive to bring professionals, who work in the given field, on board as translators and editors. Specialists for projects are selected based on the aims of the translated text and the client’s requirements.


We have also added a new service – copywriting or writing texts in Danish – which falls under the competence of Lene Tissot Koch, the manager of our Danish office. Her main tasks are writing articles and product information, as well as compiling project descriptions and business plans in Danish. Lene previously offered her services mostly to Danish companies on the local market; however, cooperation between our two companies makes the services available for clients outside of Denmark as well: in Estonia, Finland and elsewhere. A prerequisite for bringing your product or service, for example, to the Danish market is translating relevant materials into the local language, as this allows you to bring your product or service closer to the consumer and thereby ensure a successful expansion to a new market. Place your order here or request for more information.


In addition to translation services and target language copywriting, you can also trust us with such integral parts of the marketing process as the creation, development and maintenance of websites and social media pages. You can have your website built on a ready-made template (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) or custom made according to your wishes. We will ensure that your website is multilingual from the get-go. You will no longer have to be bothered with uploading texts yourself. We will take on the task of uploading texts to your website in the desired languages as a part of the website maintenance service. In addition, we can manage you social media feeds – compile a digital marketing plan, write posts and articles. Request for more informaion here.


One of the most important tasks brought about by the addition of the Danish representation office lies in servicing the local clientele regardless of whether it concerns translations, copywriting or digital media. Although the bulk of our turnover comes from Scandinavian and Baltic projects involving Russian, English and German translations, cooperation with a lot of other regional service providers enables us to work with languages such as Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc. Read about the languages we cover.


The opening of our Danish representation office was made possible by a business delegation visit to Denmark, which was organised in May 2016 jointly by the Danish-Estonian Chamber of CommerceEnterprise Estonia and Vordingborg Erhverv during the Estonian week celebrated in Denmark. This was the first time that we participated in an event of this kind, yet it has already been very fruitful for us. Namely, we met Lene Tissot Koch, a partner of the Danish company Ord for Ord, whose vision of the future of their company matched that of our company. Today, we operate jointly under the brand NEON Translations and Localization, as in addition to translation, we also offer a localization service, which focuses on target market driven text creation, regardless of whether we are working with digital media or paper.

Contact us in order to get additional information or send as an inquiry or an email to info (at) neontranslations.com.

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