Why NEON ?

The word NEON indicates that your message is important. It will be noticed. Neon colour is used to highlight most important parts in the text. Neon-colour clothes and objects are used in situations where one must be noticeable. If you choose NEON Translations and Localization, your message is noticeable to your customers. It will be remembered. It is important for your partners.

The brand

NEON Translations and Localization is  an  internationally registered trademark of Tiido & Partners Language Agency LLC – a translation and localization company based in Tallinn, Estonia. The new trademark was introduced in 2011 specifically for cooperation projects on export markets.  Today the brand has been implemented also on the domestic market.

In the ever-changing world it is important to be on top of the things at all times. Especially for the success of your business. The transition from the old to the new trademark will prove our customers and cooperation partners that while our company is based on solid traditional business practices, we are  innovative and driven by passion for our profession at the same time. Our services are used by customers who value sustainability, but who want to be noticed in a rapidly changing global business context.

NEON Translations and Localization is your partner regardless of the nature of your text  – technical manual, promotional material, product description or legal business document. You can rely on us. We offer specialist translations, because your message matters.

Mettetevi in contatto con noi. - Don't undestand this? Let us translate.

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