Business After Hours with DECC members 30.03.2017

Benefits of a membership

The chambers of commerce of the international business community in Estonia have a nice tradition of giving its members an opportunity to visit, hear and see first hand how different companies work. What makes this even more exciting is that these companies are often engaged in completely different fields of business than our own and we are given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a look behind the curtains – to experience something for which we would normally have neither the time nor even a chance.

We would like to thank the members of DECC, who attended the Business After Hours event in our office on March 30th, for taking a welcome interest in our company.

Kind of things you learn about other companies

Last Thursday, we hosted several members of DECC at our office and we were happy to show them how a contemporary translation company works. We gave a hands-on presentation of our workflow, including receiving a project and translating it with the help of translation software. Everybody interested could have a look at the programmes we use. Mr. Kaspar Kaup, the production manager of NEON Translations and Localization, gave an in-depth overview of what a CAT tool is (computer aided translation tool) and what it can do, what tools are available on the market, what their different features are, what tools our company uses and the benefits of those tools. We talked about the role of in-house translators and why they are vital for us, as well as the necessary qualifications of a translator. A company specialising in translations of a specific field of business – such as the medical, technical and legal field in our case – needs translators and editors with very different professional backgrounds. Most often they are people, who have worked in this line of business (industry) and know the specifics and terminology inside out. However, very often these specialist translators and editors need assistance from linguists in order to produce a linguistically perfect end result, i.e. a text that is readable and comprehensible for the target audience. And this is why it is often wise to combine the skills of a specialist translator of a certain domain with the skills of a linguistically competent editor.

Among other topics, we also covered the challenges of locating, recruiting and testing the translators and editors, as well as the challenges we face daily with delivering projects on time and in the manner required by the client. Communication between the translation company and the client is paramount in order to know exactly how and what to deliver. The best collaboration is always based on mutual trust and communication.

 How well do you know your business partners?

The event was characterised by lively discussion and clear interest from the attendees in getting to know the inside of a translation company and what it takes to run such a business. We would be delighted to host another similar event in the near future, specifically for the reason that very few people who use translations services in their marketing activities or as a part of their export strategy, actually know what the translation business entails and how the job is done.

We are also looking forward to attending similar events in the companies of other members of DECC. It is very inspiring to hear the stories of how a small idea or an innovative product has developed into a prospering business, and what crucial decisions have led to their current success. Or maybe the charm of these events is just in the simplest thing – getting to peek into the daily work routine of another business.

 Next event on May 18th. Register now!

Another opportunity for networking as well as getting acquainted with the life and working routines of a contemporary translation company opens up on Thursday, May 18th.

You are very welcome to join us at our office on Raua Street 35, Tallinn. Drinks and snacks will be served.

The number of places is limited. Please register at hr[at] An on-line registration on our homepage will open soon.

NEON Translations and Localizaion reserves the right to prioritise business representatives and members of chambers of commerce.

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