Looking for a change or a new challenge? Want to be part of an ambitious team of translation professionals? Or longing to find a steady partner? Work with us. We are in search of professional translators of Scandinavian languages and we will stand for your best interests.

After recently taking part in two eventful translation industry conferences GALA New York and Localization World Tokyo, we are now looking for additional members to our freelance translator teams of Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic. On the basis of the newly established contacts and our continuous interest towards these Nordic languages, we invite you to contact us for potential collaboration on new interesting projects concerning technical, medical, patent and gaming translations as well as transcreation (translations for marketing purposes).

We are looking for ambitious and TALENTED TRANSLATION PROFESSIONALS who:

  • are computer savvy,
  • use CAT tools,
  • are disciplined and deadline conscious,
  • have excellent knowledge of their specialty domain,
  • are in perfect command of the written target language,

as well as PREFERABLY

  • live in their native country, and
  • have at least 3 years of prior translation experience.

We also welcome YOUNG TALENT, whose work process will be monitored more closely and who will receive training for further qualifications.

This invitation does not guarantee instant jobs, however, once we have established collaboration, you will be regarded as a team member who is entitled to technical support, relevant training and participation in company activities whenever it is possible for you.

Providing high quality work while adhering to deadlines is a must for every professional translator. We are happy to welcome you to our team if this is central in your work as well.

Send your translator profile and overview of domain related translation experience concerning your language pairs to hr@neontranslations.com or contact Ly Tiido-Nurmetalo at ly.tiido@neontranslations.com .

Looking forward to working with you!


  • Ly