Legal translation services

Legal translation services

We offer legal translation services for both the private and the public sector. As for commercial translations, in the private sector it is often all about legal issues.

The texts concerned with legal affairs are extremely complex and demanding. In order to achieve the best result or the perfect translation document that corresponds to the original, expert knowledge is required. Besides that we use modern translation technology for creating translation memory and industry specific term-bases that quarantee the consistency of the content and the terminology of customer’s translations. Read more about terminology management service.

Whenever translation of legal documentation is required, one should ask for CERTIFIED TRANSLATION SERVICE ie a professional translation. This means that your document will get proper attention – it will be translated, edited and proofread by qualified specialists and it meets the highest quality standards. We also offer SWORN TRANSLATOR SERVICE or the so-called certified translation service for official use.


Our legal translation services includes translating:

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Court documentation
  • Legislation
  • Articles of association
  • Company statutes
  • Regulations and directives
  • Patents
  • Product and service outlines
  • Business plans
  • EU documentation
  • Homepages and promotional material
    and much more.


We guarantee the confidentiality of customer’s documents by adhering to the confidentiality requirements of the customer right from the beginning of the cooperation. Documents with sensitive information can be exchanged either encrypted or by other means agreed with the customer. We are always ready to invest in further security measures in case of a prospective long-term cooperation.


All legal documentation is either translated by linguists who have vast experinece in translating legal documentation and have gained their competence during many years of professional work, or they have a degree in law and are qualified for translating specific documents by their education. Nevertheless, be it a lawyer or a linguist who performs the translation, besides competence in a certain subject area, prior experience of at least 3 years of translating is required. The best result is often achieved by combining the specialist expertise of freelance legal translators with the expertise of full-time linguists.


Legal translation service as well as commercial is used in all spheres of life and business. We have clients among law firms, insurance companies, notary’s offices, construction companies, hotels, medical companies, Estonian ministries, national non-profit organisations, EU institutions, and many more.

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