NEON at Hammaslääkäripäivät 2016 – news and trends

This year marks the second time that our translation agency has visited the Finnish Dental Convention and Exhibition Hammaslääkäripäivät. The event is organised annually by the Finnish Dental Society Apollonia and this year, it took place on 24-26 November in Helsinki.

Outstanding speakers and exhibitors

Hammaslääkäripäivät is the largest fair for professionals of oral health, dental care and dental equipment in Finland. Every year, the event brings together thousands of specialists both locally and from abroad, for example from Italy, Germany, Austria, Japan, etc. The fair includes product presentations, lectures and is a perfect place for introducing new trends in product development.

This time, there were foreign speakers from 5 different countries in attendance, incl. Bernie H. Whitaker (UK), who gave a presentation titled “Mindful distraction and relaxation – a new approach to managing dental anxiety and pain”; Dr. Paweł Plakwicz (Poland), who spoke of “Contemporary Treatment for Missing Teeth in Growing Patients. Autotransplantation – The Natural Choice”; Prof. Frank Lobbezoo (the Netherlands), who gave a speech on “Bruxism – diagnosis and management”; and Dr. Marcus Dagnelid (Sweden), whose talk was titledImplantologian prekurssi: A day of Inspiration“. You can find a more detailed programme here .

Among the wide variety of companies that were in attendance with their own fair stands, one could find several of them that have offices in Estonia as well – W&H, Voco, Coltene, Heraeus Kulzer, GC, Plandent, 3M, DAB, etc. Also some authentic Estonian dental companies were represented such as Dental Marketing and Dentes.

Our focus – customer relations and specialist consultants

NEON Translations and Localization had a keen interest in the fair due to our work with dentistry translations. We arrived in Helsinki to meet up with current clients and forge new ties with Finnish dental care specialists, who could, throughout our work on dentistry related projects, provide assistance and consultations regarding Finnish dental care terminology. As our work involves a lot of specialized translation, we find it extremely important to stay in touch with specialists of the given field and be up to date with topical issues, as well as the products and services that we cover in out translations.

Innovations in dentistry

In addition to client meetings, we took note of a lot of new exciting information from the stands and speeches at the fair. As is usual for big fairs, several innovative products were unveiled at Hammaslääkäripäivät. We would like to include a couple of those here.


MeridentOptergo was awarded Innovation Award 2016 for its long-term development of MO Loupes. This annual innovation award is given to a company whose continuous R & D activities help improve the work conditions of dentists and ensure the safety and well-being of clients. Antti Ulvio and Per Johan Petterson, from the Finnish and Swedish office of MeridentOptergo respectively, kindly introduced the specific characteristics of the loupes that they offer – how their loupes differ from others and how they can help simplify dentists’ work.

/… MeridentOptergo has been a pioneer in developing accurate near vision aids for Finnish dentists and has brought loupes to daily use. The loupes of MeridentOptergo enhance precision and thus result in better quality of treatment. The loupes also improve ergonomics and prevent strain in neck and shoulders which are common problem areas for dental care professionals. The products of MeridentOptergo are light and easy to use and the product range includes, for example, integrated lamps for the loupes. The service concept entails tailored solutions for each user in their authentic, personal working environment…/ Source: Press release of Finnish Dental Congress and Exhibition

In addition to the main prize, Innovation 2016 Honourable mentions were awarded to HELPie from Medrian Oy and Planmeca ProModel from Plandent Oy


We met dental nurse Riitta Pietarinen, who presented her personal innovation – a dental care tool called HELPie. HELPie is a disposable saliva and water suction device that simultaneously functions as a bite block and tongue cone, thereby making the work of dentists and dental hygienists a lot easier. Riitta Pietarinen invented HELPie based on her own needs when working with dental care patients. In 2014, she created the company Medrian to develop, manufacture and market other helpful dental care devices following HELPie’s example. HELPie has gained popularity in several countries and has many users in Estonia as well. In 2015, it was named as one of the three best innovative products created in Finland.

Watch a short presentation video on the useage and characteristics of HELPie here.


In addition to HELPie, we also had a chance to learn about a new DMS (Digital Marking Systems) product, which makes it possible to mark dentures with an identification chip. The DMS security marking allows for identifying the owner of a set of dentures quickly, without much hassle and without disclosing the owner’s personal information. The DMS security marking will be added to dentures during production or repair works and it can be ordered by a dental laboratory, technician or a dentist. The code on the security marking will be activated on the website, which renders the dentures identifiable by the security marking, so that they can be returned to the owner in the event of loss. This product is aimed at dental care specialists who want to offer added value and additional sense of security to their clients when ordering or repairing dentures.

An excellent opportunity to meet Nordic dental professionals

Hammaslääkäripäivät is without a doubt an exceptionally diverse event that continues to bring together various dental care specialists. We recommend visiting the fair to all those interested, as even non-specialists can pick up a great deal of fascinating information. We gained knowledge on everything from high-tech dental care technologies to various oral health products, such as new and interesting toothbrushes and -pastes, which can benefit virtually everyone. We would like to thank everyone who we meet at the fair and the specialists who have confirmed their wish to cooperate with us.

Specialist in dental translations

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