NEON is now a member of the Medicon Valley Alliance

NEON Translations and Localization was announced as a new member of the Medicon Valley Alliance last week and we look forward to participating in its annual meeting, which is held in Copenhagen on 7 November.

Magnet for the brightest minds in the life sciences industry

The Medicon Valley Alliance is a Danish-Swedish networking organisation for companies specialising in life sciences. The network attracts world-class researchers and focuses on creating productive hubs in Copenhagen, Lund, and Malmö area. Bringing the sharpest minds of the industry together has made the area a true magnet for talent-filled and ambitious companies and investors.

The organisation focuses on innovation and creating synergy for its 245 members, who currently employ a total of 140,000 employees. MVA members include hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical companies, service providers, etc. Effective cooperation is achieved through meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, various projects, networking, as well as through an exchange of knowledge across borders, disciplines, and without making the distinction between the public and private sector.

Annual meeting on 7 November: Financing innovation

The topic of this year’s meeting is how to provide funds for innovation in life sciences. An important analysis of the MVA and the Øresund Institute will serve as a starting point for discussing both structural constraints and specific challenges, as well as possible solutions to the current problem of attracting enough capital to ensure growth in the area. The speakers will concentrate on political and economic framework conditions for life sciences, and also on specific economic challenges and solutions.

The contribution of NEON and Ord for ord to the growth and synergy of life sciences

NEON’s professional and committed translators include specialists of different fields of life sciences including medical devices and pharmacology. Adding that to the strategic focus of Ord for ord opens up an abundance of ways to help MVA members with both Danish texts and translations from Danish into all languages of the world. Medical translations make up one of the most demanding translation domains. It is absolutely vital to understand the source material and accurately communicate it into the target language to ensure that no-one’s life is put at risk. On the other hand, also use of correct expressions in any marketing related text is often the decisive factor in making a project’s potential visible. Therefore, the fact that we can deliver texts in many different languages makes perfect sense in this industry.

We truly hope that we can contribute to growth and collaboration in the industry through efficient distribution of knowledge and international marketing of new products and services.

RECEPTION on 8 November

On Tuesday, 8 November, after the MVA annual meeting held on the previous day, we will have a reception to mark the newly founded cooperation between NEON Translations and Localization and Ord for ord. The event takes place on the 1st floor of Vordingborg Erhverv, Marienbergvej 132, 4760 Vordingborg, from 14.00–16.00, and we hope that many of you will join us to celebrate this occasion.

NB! Read more about the programme and sign up here.

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