The ISO certified NEON Translations and Localization is glad to announce its MVA membership (from late 2016). With a representation in Denmark and international experience in the translation business since 2000, we are eager to share our skills and knowledge with fellow members of MVA. NEON will be in Denmark for the dental fair Scandefa during April 26–28 and we would be more than happy to arrange meet-ups with MVA members interested in our services. On April 26th, these meetings will be hosted by the Estonian Embassy. For last minute agreements, please call +372 51 14 695.

Why MVA?

As a translation company, or rather a content management company with specialisation in medical and pharmaceutical translations, NEON Translations and Localization had been planning on becoming a member of a professional organisation that connects medical and pharma companies for some time now. Why MVA? Becoming a member of MVA seemed attractive for several reasons, but primarily because we opened a representation in Denmark at the end of last year. The aim of this expansion was to make the communication and servicing of translation projects easier with our Danish and other Scandinavian partners. MVA provides a great platform for expanding our contact network within the medical and pharma industry, both professionally and geographically.

Professional communication with fellow MVA members

Today, as a full member of the MVA, we look forward to benefiting from this membership in different ways. All serious professional organisations are focused on bringing its members together for closer collaboration and understanding of each other’s business activities. We are very keen on getting to know the members of MVA. It is often a rare chance that you get to ’look behind the curtains’ and hear or even visit another company engaged in a different business than your own. MVA provides perfect opportunities for meeting with and talking to fellow members about the specifics of each company, as well as about joint interests, both in the organisation and concerning external companies. We would certainly like to benefit from that. And if you happen to have this chance with your own collaboration partner, who usually uses the same traditional ways of urgent business communication – emailing and calling – just like anyone else these days, it actually makes it possible for you to meet and talk in a professional atmosphere. It brings you closer to each other, closer to a better understanding of each other’s business activities and closer to better results from collaboration.

Verticals and horisontals – all covered

Translation business is a very complex industry. It covers a lot of different verticals and horizontals – various types of texts within various industries, for example, legal, commercial and technical documentation within medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and automotive industry. It also connects a lot of different professionals – both as service providers and services consumers. Being part of MVA enables us to communicate with both groups – members who could be our consultants or even specialist reviewers and members who might need our services.

NEON has a lot to offer within language services

NEON has so much to offer. In addition to translation and localization services, which have been our main business activities since 2000, the company offers several new services, such as web development service and copywriting service in various languages, including Danish, but also clinical trial assistance service. The latter means that we help foreign CRO’s and pharmaceutical companies with finding a perfect partner for their clinical trials in our region. Multilingual content management is the modern common nominator for all of them. We are well set for servicing the medical and pharma industry with international ambitions. We have experience with translating various medical documentation from IFU’s and PIL’s to clinical trial documentation such as CRF, ICF, etc. Our services are ISO 9001 and 17100 certified – a clear sign of a high level quality management system.

Meet-ups in Denmark on April 26-28

NEON will be in Denmark to meet you on April 26 and until noon on April 28th. We are also available on April 27, but only after working hours. It might just happen that you need our kind of a language service provider. Not too big – we do not want you to get lost in a sea of clients, none of whom can be approached individually; but not too small either, for we are still perfectly able to provide a wide range of services in an even wider range of languages.

Please contact the Managing Partner Mrs. Ly Tiido-Nurmetalo for a meet-up at the Estonian Embassy during working hours on April 26 or before noon on April 28 by sending an email to or by calling +372 51 14 695 . On April 27 we are available only after working hours since we will be attending Scandefa.

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