NEON Translations and Localization offers tailor-made language service solutions to its partners.

PLANNING AND BUDGETING is the most important thing we can help You with, in case You do not know where to start or You have many things to translate and localize. We can help You determine Your translation needs, help You draft a plan and schedule the tasks as well as give You an estimation of Your translation costs.

Please contact us for a meeting in order to discuss your needs in detail.

Besides that, our services include:

  • TRANSLATION of technical manuals, certificates, guidelines, legal documentation such as contracts, agreements and court-decisions; commercial documentation, correspondence, project outlines, and much more.
  • SWORN TRANSLATOR SERVICE or the certified translation service for official use.
  • LOCALIZATION of software, websites, promotional materials, product information in respect to local requirements such as legislation, etc.
  • TERMINOLOGY MANAGEMENT SERVICE supports the translation service. We create and maintain customer or industry related term-bases in order to guarantee the consistency of terminology and content in customers’ translations.
  • TRANSCREATION of promotional texts, advertising materials, media texts, slogans, brand concepts, etc.
  • LQA or Language Quality Assessment including various aspects such as technical language review, proofreading, editing, linguistic testing, review of end-files such as pdf-s, etc.
  • CONFERENCE INTERPRETING both simultaneous and consecutive.
  • DTP or Desktop Publishing. We mainly work with Adobe Indesign, Illustrator or Pagemaker, but our computer savvy team can manage any required DTP tool for producing the desired result.

Our services are not only limited to the aforementioned. Please turn to us with any request concerning language services and we can find a comfortable solution for Your company.

Mettetevi in contatto con noi. - Don't undestand this? Let us translate.

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