Sworn translator service

Sworn translator service

Certified translation services for official use or a SWORN TRANSLATOR SERVICES is usually needed, for example, when presenting personal or corporate documentation to official authorities or while conducting business transactions.

Sworn translator services include translations of the following documentation:

  • Certificates – marriage, birth, death, divorce, etc.;
  • School and university diplomas and certificates;
  • Medical documentation;
  • Passports, ID-cards;
  • Company statutes, articles of association, powers of attorney;
  • Accounting documentation;
  • Court documentation;
  • Tender documentation;
    and much more.

We collaborate with most of Estonian sworn translators in order to be able to provide the necessary certified translation service for official use.

„A sworn translator is the holder of an office in public law who is, similarly to a notary public, empowered by the state to certify, to the extent specified in his or her professional certificate, the correctness of translations of documents translated by the translator himself or herself or by another person, the authenticity of copies of such translations, the authenticity of copies of documents to be translated and printouts from public registers.” http://www.just.ee/en/sworn-translators

We provide SWORN TRANSLATOR SERVICE primarily with the following language pairs:

Estonian-English / English-Estonian
Estonian-Russian / Russian-Estonian
Estonian-Finnish / Finnish-Estonian
Estonian-German / German-Estonian
Estonian-Norwegian / Norwegian-Estonian
Estonian-Latvian / Latvian-Estonian
Estonian-French / French-Estonian

Certified translation service aiming at the highest quality level of translations does not always have to be signed and authenticated by a sworn translator. Make sure to order exactly the kind of service You need. For that purpose You can read more about our CERTIFIED TRANSLATION SERVICE.

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