Technical document translation

Technical document translation


Together with legal and financial translation service the technical document translation, that is essential in manufacturing industry, has for long been our core business. A lot of technical translation is LOCALIZATION these days. It means adapting the original material into the local context bearing in mind both the specific cultural aspects, local consumer behaviour as well as industry related regulations of the target market.





  • User, maintenance and installation guides
  • Technical specifications
  • Operation manuals
  • Product outlines and catalogues
  • Safety cards
  • E-commerce platforms for technical equipment
  • Homepages and promotional material
  • Industry related regulations
    and much more.



Our technical document translations are performed by translators who are either field specialists themselves or who have profound knowledge of and experience in translating subject area documentation. They are all tested for qualification and competence. In order to guarantee the best results, our specialist translators work hand-in-hand with the linguistic team of editors and proofreaders.



Building and managing industry or company specific term-bases is especially important in case of complex and demanding technical document translations where terminology needs to be consistent throughout all translations concerning the same product. To be able to provide You with the best possible translation of Your material, it is preferred that You provide us with background material on Your product or industry specifics as well as with previous translations and term-bases. A contact person in Your company, who can advise us on terminology use, is much appreciated.

Read more about our terminology management service.



Due to the availability of a vast network of freelance specialist translators, we can handle a lot of different areas of expertise such as transportation/ logistics, consumer products, automotive, medical and pharmaceutical industry, construction, electronics and telecommunication, environment and energy, wood and paper industry, heavy machinery, etc.

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