Terminology management

Terminology management

TERMINOLOGY MANAGEMENT SERVICE is especially important in the context of web content localization as well as technical, legal and financial translations. These domains leave no room for creativity in the translation process. Consistency of terminology is paramount.

With the help of modern translation technology or the CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools as they are called by translation professionals, we can create, develop and maintain industry or even company related term-bases (the glossary, in other words).


Translation software like memoQ and Trados, that we use on daily basis, create a translation memory in the translation process saving all the content with expressions and terminology that, once consulted with the customer and proven correct can be reused in every recurring translation. This process guarantees the consistency of terminology and content in all the customer’s translations.

The availability of terminology management service is often overlooked and underestimated, whereas it actually constitutes the foundation base for every prospective collaboration.

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