The Italian language has been close to our hearts since the early days of our translation agency. Our first serious contact with translating into Italian came to be several years ago when we were joined by the translator Hille Laido who was very fond of the language and wanted to work with Italian in addition to English. Unfortunately, we did not have enough Italian translation orders coming in back then to provide Hille with enough challenging projects concerning the Italian language, so she has been occupied with mainly Estonian-English and English-Estonian legal translations.

Translation services as well as customer communication in Italian

NEON Translations and Localization has recently been joined by the Italian translator Kadri Strööm whose tasks will among other things include communication with Italian clients and managing translation projects concerning the Italian language. Kadri received a bachelor’s degree in Romance languages from the University of Tallinn and she is currently in the middle of her postgraduate studies. In addition, Kadri has fine-tuned her language skills by studying in Italy and her second language at home is also Italian. Kadri’s job will involve communicating with Estonian companies who have business links with Italy and Italian companies who want to find business partners here in Estonia or need help with translating documents according to local requirements. There are several other specialists of Italian language in our team in addition to Hille and Kadri.

Experts also in other languages

NEON Translations and Localization offers translations in very many language pair, not just from Italian and into Italian. Although we mostly work with languages of the Baltic Sea region and the Scandinavian countries, our vast network of freelance translators enables us to offer translations in many other languages as well. You are welcome to send any information requests and translation orders to our project managers (, however, to receive information in Italian, be sure to turn to Kadri Strööm (


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