Localization services

Localization services


Localization generally means adapting a product or a service for a certain target market ie for a different linguistic and cultural environment. Localization requires the background knowledge of consumer behaviour, local mindset and habits as well as industry specific legislation of the target market. For that reason, the native speaker translators are the most competent to conduct the localization process.

We conduct WEB CONTENT LOCALIZATION of the following products:

while we also localize:

  • corporate business software;
  • user, maintenance and installation guides;
  • user interfaces (UI) and application programming interfaces (API);
  • promotional/ marketing materials;
    and much more.

We use various translation programs ie CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools to speed up the translation as well as localization process.

We develop translation memories and build up industry specific terminology-bases, which can be of great benefit to our customers. Exploitation of the latest translation technology means shorter deadlines, better quality and lower costs for our customers.

Our web content localization services are closely entwined with our other services such as, for example, the medical translation services and technical document translations, where medical device software or software for electronic consumer devices respectively needs to be localized.

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