Medical translation services

Medical translation services




Our medical translation services include translating the following documentation:

  • Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC), Patient Information Leaflets (PIL), packaging/ labelling materials;
  • Clinical trial documentation such as Informed Consent Forms (ICF), Case Report Forms (CRF), study protocols, Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs), pharmacovigilance reports such as PSURs, etc;
  • Regulatory documentation;
  • Instructions for Use (IFU) for medical devices;
  • General medical documentation concerning any medical domain (oncology, cardiology, dentistry, radiology, etc);
  • E-commerce platforms for health care products;
  • Homepages and promotional material;
  • Safety Data Sheets;
  • Manuals and technical specifications of medical equipment, devices and instruments;
  • Patient and hospital reports, etc.


We make sure that our translations comply with EMA QRD templates as well as local requirements. Back-translation, in-country review and readability testing are also a standard procedure in medical translation quality assurance. Make sure to invest in full service medical translation for the best quality and success of your product.


We offer LINGUISTIC VALIDATION and COGNITIVE DEBRIEFING for Estonian and Russian language.

Read more about THE LANGUAGES WE COVER for medical translation services.


Besides various kinds of language services, we can also offer you assistance in finding a qualified CRA or CRO for your clinical trials both in Estonia and in other neighbouring countries. Please note, that we do not conduct clinical trials ourselves, but only offer consultancy services in order to help you find a suitable partner and achieve your goal.



Medical translations is one of the most demanding translation domains. Understanding the source materials and communicating them into the target language correctly is of critical importance in order to guarantee that people’s lives are not put at risk.



For medical translation services we only use specialist translators who are engaged in the medical or pharmaceutical field on a daily basis, have a background of working within the medical system or are highly trained medical translation professonals with extensive experience in a specific subject matter. In order to ensure the best end-product i.e. a quality translation, the work of specialist translators is supported by our linguistic team – editors and proofreaders.

The qualifications of our translators and editors are always checked and they are tested for their competence in and suitability for providing medical translations.



Due to a vast network of medical professionals collaborating with us as freelance translators, we can handle many different specialities within the medical sector : dentistry, cardiology, radiology, dermatology, pulmonology, and many more.

DENTISTRY is definintely the most advanced subject area for us within the medical domain since here we have the most established teams of medical professionals working with us. Our strongest language pairs within dentistry are EN-ET, EN-RU, EN-FI, EN-DA, EN-SE, EN-NO.



We have experience for translating for CRO-s, pharmaceutical companies, drugstores, medical equipment developers and manufacturers, national resellers of medical equipment, devices and instruments, regional representatives of companies manufacturing medical or pharmaceutical products, as well as for larger globally established translation companies for whom we work as subcontractors.

Due to available qualified translator resources we are working on increasing the output of projects concerned with medical translation services.


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Read about the ISO quality standards for translation companies.

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